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Equine larva Anti-fuge Mesh


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Equine larva Anti-fuge Mesh
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Let your horse not endure mosquito bites!

Odium equi pesky muscas. Protect your beloved stallion from flies while you ride by letting them wear this Anti-Fly Mesh Horse Mask.

UV – The soft coated nylon mesh helps protect the sensitive tissue of the eyes and forehead from harmful UV Rays.

GOOD VISIBILITY – Allows for clear vision when wearing this Horse Mask as the mesh material is durable, comfortable and breathable. It is convex in shape and billows out around the horses eyes so as not to hurt them.

UPDATED DESIGN – Our Horse Fly Mask is made of high-elastic comfortable fit polyester and lycra with high-strength soft nylon mesh to cover the eyes and ears. Allows good air circulation.

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