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Cordless Lawnmower Cum Sx2 altilium et disco

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Cordless Lawnmower Cum Sx2 altilium et disco
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Mow the grass, quickly trim the grass on the lawn, with flexible angle, and quickly trim the slope haystack!

  • It can be folded and stored, which is more convenient to carry and saves space.
  • With grass guard board, it can prevent grass from splashing during extirpating grass.
  • Easy to deal with potholes, undulating terrain, lawn edge, flower bed, under the flower trellis and other areas.

  • Double control switch, two switches must to be started by pressing the bottom at the same time, which is safer to prevent accidental touch.
  • Ergonomic assistant handle design, the handle can adjust the direction at will, it is comfortable to hold, and it is not tired to work for a long time.

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