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Sandwich Roasting Rack


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Sandwich Roasting Rack


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It’s easy to make a variety of delicious sandwiches at home in 5 minutes with our Sandwich Roasting Rack.

Get this simple and practical sandwich roasting rack for friends and family, it will bring you a lot of good compliments!

Easily Make Sandwiches– With this stainless steel rack, you can whip up a delicious sandwich in five minutes. It can be used with a microwave and oven, eliminating the need for a separate sandwich oven.

Make Various Delicious Food– The raised square structure allows it to hold all kinds of thick/ thin foods and sandwiches with different fillings, allowing you to diversify your food at home and enjoy different foods every day. 

Multipurpose & Portable– Not only can it be used to make sandwiches, but it can also be used for outdoor barbecues, baking roast, chicken wings, vegetables, etc. Portable design for easy use in outdoor barbecues. 

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